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LAP Spirits Pte Ltd Hall: 403-405 Stand: N10

The Laplandia super premium vodka is the Flagship of the Laplandia brand and the original creation. 

The exceptionally soft groundwater together with the high grade neutral grain spirit alone are enough to create an extraordinary finish, but adding a tiny drop of natural honey produces a result so smooth it is suitable for even the most sensitive of tongues.

Laplandia was borned in Finland, and Finland is the world’s highest coffee consumer per capita, thus setting the bar up in the sky when it comes to taste of coffee.

Our Espresso shots vodka provides endless possibilities for cocktails while it is perfect to be consumed straight, slightly chilled

In the forest delight range, all products in this range are produced using 100% natural Finnish wild berries and/or forest ingredients. After blending the groundwater and the spirit, we add to the mixture natural concentrated berries that have no added sugar and no additives whatsoever. To ensure the most balanced result possible, we let them mix in the tanks for at least 2—3 weeks before bottling.

The results are astonishingly smooth and refreshing with the berries’ authentic characters stealing the attention. Their smell reminds one of freshly bought punnet from the market, and the taste feels like the berry juice was freshly squeezed into the bottle.



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