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17 Jun 2022

Sir Edmond Gin

Enlightened Distribution Co Pte Ltd Hall: 403-405 Stand: G10
  • Sir Edmond Gin
  • Sir Edmond Gin
  • Sir Edmond Gin
Sir Edmond Gin Sir Edmond Gin Sir Edmond Gin

Flamingo’s are curious creatures. How I know? Because I am one. You can call me Sir Edmond, creator of the world’s first vanilla infused gin.

Being a migratory bird from the island of Réunion, vanilla capital of the world, it made sense to me to create a gin that honours and evolves around one of the most valued flavors in world history and the botanical I adore the most, vanilla. I took inspiration from how the world’s best haute cuisine chefs use spices to perform culinary magic, in how to create this truly distinctive gin.

I collected the finest ingredients, selected with the sole purpose of supporting the vanilla that gives my rebellious spirit its unusual character. My gin comes about through a precise distilling process involving juniper, angelica root, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon. This distillate then gets infused with Bourbon vanilla for a few weeks, resulting in the game-changing taste of Sir Edmond Gin.

The combination of six botanicals provides both cocktail lovers and bartenders with an incomparable drinking experience that calls for a new approach and drives inspiration. Since the vanilla beats juniper’s natural bitterness, mixologists are challenged to rethink the possibilities of gin when it comes to creating new cocktails and reinventing classics.

In a blind tasting, our delicate palette took the judges of the Spirits Business Awards 2017 by surprise. Sir Edmond was awarded with a Master Medal. I hate to admit it, but I’m as proud as a peacock (although a lot less arrogant). Allow Sir Edmond Gin to be the fuel to your next fabulous evening out or be there when you treat yourself to a perfect cocktail at home. Call me your wingman and treat your taste buds to a gin adventure you aren’t likely to forget any time soon.

Great gin is only half the story, though. The truth is in the adventure. So by all means, read on. Let me tell you about my ingredients, my favourite serves, my namesake and inspiration Mr Edmond Albius, and the African Wildlife Foundation I support. I want you to be part of this rebellious and unusual journey, too. Because you know, in the end, it’s all about leaving a legacy.

Are you ready to fly? 





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