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Singapore Distillery Pte Ltd

Hall: 403-405 Stand: H17
  • | Speciality & Fine Food Asia (SFFA)
Singapore Distillery Pte Ltd

Singapore distillery was set up with the goal of making great spirits using Asia’s greatest resource – its herbs and spices. Singapore has always been a melting pot of different cultures, each with their own cuisines that use uniquely different flavours and ingredients. 


94 Jalan Senang,
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  • Distilled with a quintet of Asian Oranges – Kumquats, Tangerines, Clemintines, Satsumas, and Halabongs. This gin has a naturally fruity, orangey smell that plays incredibly well with the Juniper and o ...
  • Ichigo Cameron Gin is the first and only Gin made with Japanese Strawberries, grown fresh in Cameron Highlands from Japanese parental seeds. Each bottle of Ichigo Cameron Gin has the equivalent of a 2 ...
  • This gin is distilled with fresh Japanese cucumbers and sakura flowers, creating a refreshingly floral profile. Fresh Japanese cucumbers are rested in the base spirit for 24 hours before being distill ...
  • A take on Southeast Asia’s beloved Bandung, this gin gently distils a blend of roses with traditional gin botanicals to impart a delicious aroma. The gin is then rested with roses to pick up another l ...
  • Created to be the perfect base to make a Singapore Sling, this gin is distilled with each of the ingredients found in the iconic cocktail. The blend of oranges, cherries, angelica, pineapple and limes ...
  • This variant is distilled with a trio of Southeast Asian limes for a bright citrus-forward profile. The gin features calamansi (Limau Kasturi, a small, sweet green lime with a delightfully bright oran ...
  • This uniquely Southeast Asian gin is distilled and vapour infused with fresh coconut hearts, freshly grated coconut and pandan leaves. Distilling these three ingredients together with the standard gin ...
  • The distillery’s classic London Dry Gin features a botanical blend of 13 herbs and spices including juniper, cloves, mandarin orange, Ceylon cinnamon, Cassia cinnamon grains of paradise, angelica root ...
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