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Panel Discussion : Future of Drinks

28 Sep 2023
Innovation Stage
Innovation Stage
As we embark upon the future, the realm of beverages is on the cusp of a thrilling transformation, especially when it comes to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. The discourse surrounding the future of these beverages covers a wide array of captivating topics, ranging from emerging consumer preferences and innovative beverage creations to the potential societal consequences of these developments. This engaging conversation offers a gateway to explore the dynamic landscape of the ever-evolving beverage industry. From remarkable technological advancements and health-conscious choices to the cultural significance and sustainability endeavors, it opens up an opportunity to delve deep into how these beverages will continue to shape our society and lifestyle in the years ahead.
Sean Ou, Head of Education - The Beverage Clique Academy
Michael Pekarsky, Director of Operations - The Dandy Collection
Duncan Jamieson, Partner - Luxe Brew
Michelle Morse, Head of Experience - Tipsy Collective
Rachel Ling, Vice President of Asia - Lyre's Spirit Co
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