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Serving Success: Elevate Experience and Drive Productivity through Service Design

28 Sep 2023
Innovation Stage
Innovation Stage
Discover the transformative power of Service Design (SD) as CEO of Singapore Productivity Centre, Michael Tan, delve into its core principles and unveil its relevance in today's dynamic food industry landscape. Explore why SD matters in a competitive market where customer expectations are evolving rapidly. Learn how SD can enhance customer satisfaction, boost operational efficiency, and elevate your brand reputation, leading to higher profitability and a motivated workforce.

Michael will also walk you through actionable steps to implement SD in your food business, such as customer journey mapping, employee engagement, and performance measurement. Additionally, gain insights into an exclusive programme that offers funding support and features an overseas study trip for global exposure. Let's unlock the full potential of service design together!
Michael Tan, Chief Executive Officer - Singapore Productivity Centre
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