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Raffael Osen

Raffael Osen

Head of Food Processing Engineering, A*STAR - Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation (SIFBI)
Dr Raffael Osen leads the Food Process Engineering Department at the Singapore Institute of Food and Biotech Innovation at A-star. His main interests reside in integrating protein ingredients development, texturization and formulation from a wide range of alternative protein and lipid sources such as underutilized Asian crops, fermentation-derived biomass and cultivated cells for developing tasty, healthy, sustainable, and affordable foods. With his team, he uses processing methods such as extrusion, high pressure processing, shear alignment or oleogelation to structure biopolymers for a new range of future foods. Prior to his move to Singapore, he led the department of food process development at Fraunhofer, the largest organisation for applied R&D in Europe, where he was one of the pioneers using high moisture extrusion for protein texturization. He started his research on the development of plant-based meat substitutes in 2010 and obtained his PhD in Food Technology from the Technical University of Munich.


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